alice linus sleepingI had big plans to write a post during naptime today and then I saw the laundry that needed to be folded.

Priorities ❤

Naptime is over and we are now in the midst of family time, Tom just got home. It’s beautiful here in Oregon so I think there is a walk to the park in our future. I can’t wait for the day I say that we will be walking to Anna and Abby’s Yard.

Soon ❤

Today I have a post over at Portland Moms Blog so let us just pretend I wrote that at naptime.

Deal? ❤

2 thoughts on “Naptime

    1. Your beautiful baby and that sweet dog napping together… what a lovely picture. Love your blog. Makes my heart feel warm to read it. Sending a hug to you and your family.
      PS. Your little angels are looking down on you and are filled with unimaginable joy and wrapped in love. But I’m sure you know that.
      Enjoy our beautiful Portland weather. You know how quickly it can change!😊


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