Will You Join Us?

will you join us 2018

Every day for the past 5 years Tom and I have lit 2 candles at Anna and Abby’s Tree and 2 candles on our front porch so that our girls can see that, even in the darkness, we send light to them in Heaven. The lighting of these candles has become a part of what we do now as a family.

This Saturday, Oct. 20th, is Anna and Abby’s 5th Heaven Day and we are asking if you would like to join us once again in honoring our girls and the love they have brought so many by lighting two candles at your home.

Ever since the girls went to Heaven we’ve received countless messages of how our daughter’s love story and Love Rocks has brought light during hard times.  Anna and Abby’s love has grown over the past 5 years and their light continues to shine brightly. We couldn’t be prouder of our girls.

As always, Anna and Abby’s Heaven Day will be a day of rest for Tom, Alice and I. We will rest knowing that our girls are loved and that their light will forever shine on. Thank you for your continued prayers and love ~ we feel it all. ❤

If you are local to Forest Grove and surrounding areas there will be luminary supplies at Anna and Abby’s Tree starting tomorrow 10/15. Please feel free to stop by and pick them up at your convenience.

8 thoughts on “Will You Join Us?

  1. Prayers are being sent to your girls and to the three of you on Saturday


  2. Yes, we will be lighting candles this Sat. For them. They are always remembered. Jill

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