Happiness Journal

When we were in England this past Spring Alice fell in love with Peppa Pig. When asked what she wanted to be for Halloween this year she said, “Peppa Pig, of course. You will be Mummy Pig, Daddy will be Daddy Pig and Linus will be George.”

I was able to deliver on everything except Linus being George so we settled with dressing him up like George’s stuffed dinosaur and Alice carried a stuffed George around to complete our pig family.

Halloween makes my heart happy.

Halloween 2018

For those of you that have never seen Peppa and her family. maxresdefault

I think we nailed it!


5 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. it was perfect timing that I got your blog today – Last night my girls night out group got together for dinner and made love rocks !! 4 of our friends hadn’t heard the story behind it .. or had ever had the joy of making them !!

    It was wonderful to share how we can continue to share the love your family has – by making others happy !

    I have already left 2 this morning … only wish I could see peoples faces when they find them.

    much continued love to your family …

    Teresa Kelly



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