Happiness Journal


HomeThis weekend I will be off the computer and spending time with Tom and Linus. I missed them both so much while I was away.

As we prepare for this evening, and all the visitors we hope to have, we can’t help but think of how much our girls LOVED this holiday!

I smile thinking about the excitement they would have from just getting back from Disney and then going right into Halloween fun!

I miss them so much!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!

Keeping My Promise

We needed to make a plan. I had been wanting to take them for a while but with the family budget, activities and life it seemed we could never get it planned.

When Anna was born I remember daydreaming about this adventure (along with so many others we would take together) ~ knowing her eyes would be wide with excitement and we would experience the magic together.

When we blended families we would talk about going ~ I honestly don’t think Abigail ever thought it was a possibility.

Early October of last year I presented them with plan. We would work on saving our money for an entire year ~ pinching pennies, saving allowance and making sacrifices ~ all in the name of this Halloween adventure that the 3 of us would have together.

I don’t think they believed me at first but when the “How to Plan your Disney Vacation” CD came in the mail they both were so excited.

“You’re serious,” Abigail said to me with a look on her face I will never forget.

“Just the 3 of us, Disneyland, just like when we were stuck in Chicago,” Anna added with a giant smile on her face.

The 3 of us had so much fun together while traveling and they were so excited that I was indeed serious.

Today I’m getting on a plane and I’m going to Disneyland. I told them we were going and I am not breaking my promise.  We planned this trip together and I intend to honor those plans.

I will only need to buy one ticket at the park but I know the girls will definitely be there with me. As I’ve been packing this morning I can hear them, their excitement and laughter for the adventure ahead.

My plan once I get there ~ I’m not really sure, but I do know that I will be sharing as much love and joy as I can.

Abigail would be proud that I’m going solo and Anna would think I’m crazy. I smile thinking about the conversation they are having in Heaven and know that my heart will be protected by their love.

Disney World 1979 ~ 6 years old....my plan was to take this same picture of Anna.

Disney World 1979 ~ 6 years old.

Class 8 at Kiambogo Primary School


We arrived and within minutes most of our team had axes and were intrenched in removing the concrete floor from the classroom. The plan was to remove the old flooring, to pour concrete and then lay tile. We were there to assist a group of local men ~ we were there to connect and bless this little school in Kijabe.


While most of the team were busy tending to the job at hand a few of us were drawn elsewhere. I couldn’t help it ~ I couldn’t resist their smiles, laughter and beautiful nature. It was break and they were playing outside ~ all very curious of the visitors.

drawn elsewhere

I asked their names and they started writing them on my hand ~ Grace, Nancy, Mercy, Susan.  Such beautiful girls, all the same age as Abigail.

hand names

As the week progressed so did the classroom renovation and our connection with the kids. We became friends with the local workers, fine tuned our jump roping skills and shared an experience that will forever be close to my heart.

workjump roping

On Friday, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to share Love Rocks with the students. After sharing the Love Rock story and the love and joy of Anna and Abigail, we passed out small pieces of the concrete floor from class 8 and watched as they, all while asking questions about Anna and Abigail, made Love Rocks. At one point I was very overcome with emotion. I couldn’t believe I was in Africa sharing the Love and Joy of my girls.

love rocks k

The students really connected with the project and we decided that we would share the Love Rocks with their local church that Sunday. It was a perfect way to celebrate the local school, the work that was being done and to share the love and joy of my girls with this beautiful village.

church love rocks

I feel there were so many blessings that came from our time at Kiambogo. We went thinking we were going to be blessing them, we left being the ones that were blessed.

tile floor