Joy is a Mystery

joy is a mystery

I found this quote yesterday and it speaks to how I feel almost everyday. Sometimes I can’t put my joy into words because the pain of my loss is too great.

The joy I feel, in the midst of my suffering and through my tears, I know is from Heaven.

This faith I know to be true can be a mystery and I know that one day, when I too will be in His presence, it will be solved.

For now, I take moments of joy as a blessing, and know that it is just a fraction of the joy my girls have in Heaven.

Small As a Ball

I looked everywhere for this photo yesterday. I knew I had it somewhere ~ old computer, new computer, phone…I didn’t find it until last night when I opened the last file on my old computer and there it was.

Small as a ball!

Anna would be done with her bath and would yell at the top of her lungs, “Tom, can you carry me upstairs small as a ball?” He would come running with a towel, scoop her up and carry her with one hand up the steps wrapped, “small as a ball,” in a towel. She would giggle the entire way up the stairs and we would too.

Anna loved her Tom with all her heart. She also loved her dad with all her heart. The two brought so much to her life and I am very blessed to say she had the perfect combination of an amazing father and amazing Tom.

Yesterday I thought a lot about her dad and how he was always there for her. I thought about how his heart was probably aching just like ours does.

My little girl is blessed to have lots and lots of people who love her and who will always carry her with them ~ small as a ball.

small as a ball