First Day Back

I’m going back to work today, I’m going to try at least.

I remember how nervous Anna was about starting school this year out at Dilley. She was very excited to be with McKenna, her best friend, but she was scared about starting someplace new. Everyday before school she asked if I would be teaching at Dilley that day, if so would find her and give her a hug and a kiss? Of course I would, this was going to be my new routine. I was so excited to finally be able to see her and be part of her school experience. I had been part of so many kids schooling and now I get to be part of Anna’s.

I remember feeling the same way about seeing Abigail everyday when she was at Joseph Gale. I loved that she would come see me at lunch or would jump out of line and give me a huge hug when I walked by her class. Being able to see my kids in school was the best. I love my job and having them be part of my day was wonderful.

At 10:45 today I will get to Dilley. When I get there I’ll park in the back parking lot and the kids will be at recess. This was our routine; I would park in the back parking lot and Anna would be waiting for me on the swings. I couldn’t wait for that hug and kiss, she was so proud to have her mom at school with her…I know this because she would hug me a hundred times while at recess with not a care in the world of who saw her. The whistle would blow and she would give me one last hug and whisper in my ear, “please don’t be late picking me up.” I was late one time by maybe one minute and she was never going to let me forget it. She would then get in line and I would walk into the building, always turning around at the door to see her giving me the I Love You sign and I would give it back. It was our thing.

At 2:45 I will look at my phone. This is the time Abigail would call me to let me know she was home from school. She never forgot, she always checked in. I would ask her about her day and she would give me the run down…good day, learned lots and would then ask if she could make a smoothie. I would say yes but remember a smoothie doesn’t involve ice cream, that’s a milkshake. I would tell her to make sure to do her reading and then the conversation always ended with I love you, I love you too!

There will be new routines today but I will never forget the old ones. I miss my girls.

DSC_0273 DSC_0280

17 thoughts on “First Day Back

  1. Susan, your writings are so beautiful and touching!! I’m constantly thinking of you and praying for you!! I love you Susan!


  2. I loved seeing you at school! I saw many faces light up as they saw you in our classroom! We love you and pray that you feel our love every day!


    1. I loved being there Candi. Not sure about the actual work part of my job but I definitely love being at Dilley.


  3. Susan,
    Thinking of you constantly, hope that today was ok, your faith and your beautiful little angels will help you through all of these difficult firsts
    Love and prayers


  4. God will hold you up. You walk by Faith and He is holding your hand as your girls watch from above. How brave and how faithful you are Susan. I see the love you have for your girls with each day that passes. Prayers are going up to help you as you face each new challenge. Parker and I do a bible passage summary each Sunday evening for his New Testament class at school and this week we were reading John 14, where Jesus was preparing his disciples for the grief they would face as he explained he would be going away to go back to the father and they would not see him anymore. Then he promises them the Holy Spirit would come and that if they remained faithful to His commands, loved one another and asked for their needs to be fulfilled in His name, they would be granted and He would be with Him always and they would see Him. I see your journey as a very close walk with Him. The Holy Spirit will be right there with you and anything you ask will be given to you today. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you….do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” You are brave. You are held.


  5. I’m sorry mine was the first hug when you came in, but hope you know how much you are loved here! Welcome back and hope for a manageable first day! Always praying for strength for you.


  6. Susan, Praying for you as you start another day of new first. Your love drenched life continues on, spreading onto and over flowing on to others.:)


  7. They will be there with you all day, in your heart, in your spirit, guiding you along the way. My prayers are unending for God’ s guidance for both of you. I love you!!! Mom.


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