Thank you for praying for our friends. Kaden is still in surgery and I will post tomorrow on how he is doing.

Right now I have such an ache in my heart. Spent a little time today Christmas shopping and quickly found that is not where I need to be. I miss my girls so much! No more words other than that.


13 thoughts on “Ache

  1. Susan, I’ve thought about this very situation. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I also have no words, but send you my love. Bill Drew said it perfectly. All our love to you and Tom.


  2. These aches are a completely normal part of the grieving process….without this painful step you wouldn’t be progressing and processing all that has happened. I suspect the ache will always be with you, but I pray that it becomes more of feeling of peace focusing on seeing them again one day on the other side….I see a healing with each blog post and agree your composure and ability to write about the girls so eloquently is amazing and heaven sent. Praying for you frequently…hugs♥


  3. Oh Susan my heart breaks for you!! I wish I wasn’t so far away from you and I could just give you a big hug! I know you are surrounded with lots of love from your wonderful friends and community and that comforts me! Always praying and thinking about you! Luv u!!


  4. I think of you and Tom and the girls every day. I thinks it’s wonderful that you two are participating in Annie. Lots of love to you both.


  5. Say no more. I’ve been dumbfounded by your ability to find such insightful and heartfelt words to describe your girls, your love for your family, and the separation that has been thrust upon you. I know that God is with you, because you can share unimaginable heart ache, with amazing grace and composure. Sometimes there are no words; And no words are needed. Your words will come again. Our house is your house. We love you both.


  6. We prayed for you both this morning because I feel your aching heart. God laid it on my heart to gift you with the window candles. I know no tangible item could possibly truly heal a person. I keep listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit for small gestures of kindness to ease the burden, even if just a tiny bit. Hugs.


  7. I can’t imagine your ache, but often I feel as if I can feel it from down the ally. I so badly want to “do something” to ease your ache, but am at a loss for what could possibly help. At night when I squeeze Ozilline good-night I give a squeeze for you and Anna too and hope that you can both feel the love. ❤


  8. My heart aches for you too Susan. Been thinking a lot about you today. Love the photo of the three of you skating and suspect that your smiles, words, and photos would mean as much to everyone on your Christmas list as anything you could have bought today. Sending you lots of love.


  9. My heart aches with you. My girls and I pray for you and Tom every night. It usually makes me teary and they ask me why I am sad. I tell them I am sad because I know you are hurting. They assure me that Anna and Abigail are having so much fun with Jesus and they proceed to tell me everything they are doing. Sending you a big hug and continued prayers, friend.


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