Baby Jesus

When I was little I received a baby doll for Christmas that was very life like. When you pulled a string it would move it’s mouth and face. A little creepy but as a little girl I thought it was so amazing. This doll was one that my mom decided to keep for me for when I had a little girl of my own.

When Anna was three I crawled up into our attic and pulled down this life like baby so that she could have the same joy I had when I was little. “Pull the string,” I told her and at that moment I realized that the mechanical workings of this doll were very dated. The mechanism that made this dolls mouth move was so loud that it starteled Anna and she gave me a really weird look. The string was not pulled much after that. Anna did however love having a new doll to play with and when asked what it’s name was (it was in a bonnet and dress) she without hesitation said “Baby Jesus”.

Baby Jesus was very loved by Anna! She fed him, dressed him in her old baby cloths (life like remember) and took very good care of this doll that her mama had also cared for. Whenever we would read her little bible for a night time story she would run and get Baby Jesus and set him in her lap. She loved this doll and I love her!

The Christmas after receiving Baby Jesus we traveled to Ohio to visit our family.  It was tradition to attend my Grandma’s catholic church for Christmas Eve service and I loved doing so. My Grandma was so proud to have her entire family sitting in a pew with her celebrating the birth of Jesus. She would grab my hand, squeeze it tight and whisper, “I love this!”

During this visit back to Ohio we went with my mom and grandma to visit the nativity scene that sat out in front of her church. It was life like and we thought it would be nice to show Anna. We parked the car and walked over to the real life scene of Mary, Joseph, shepards, kings and life like animals that sat majestically in front of the church, lit up for all passer bys to see. As we slowly approached Anna grabbed me by my hand, I’m sure she was a bit nervous. We looked into the manger and both said the same exact thing…BABY JESUS! The exact same doll that Anna and I shared as toddlers was sitting in the manger. It was our Baby Jesus. Something magical happened that night. The love of the Lord filled my little girls heart.

Today, Christmas, Anna and Abigail are celebrating with Jesus. I can only imagine how amazing it must be to be with him and how at peace my girls are right now. I know that they are probably making milkshakes and dancing around singing. The thought of it makes me smile.

I sure do miss them and my heart aches to not hear them run down the steps in excitement for our Christmas morning traditions. Knowing that they are celebrating with the Lord definitely eases some of that pain.


Anna and Baby Jesus
Anna and Baby Jesus

13 thoughts on “Baby Jesus

  1. Every year we light a big candle in the middle of our Christmas bread at breakfast and my whole family sings happy birthday to baby Jesus. (My family is tone deaf and can’t sing so I’m sure it is rather amusing for Jesus to listen to this). Your girls got to sing to Jesus in person this year. I’m sure it was a joyous and wondrous celebration – and so much fun! 🎄❤️🎄


  2. Love this story! It’s amazing how God weaves a beautiful series of memories throughout our lives that are given to bring comfort and demonstrate the fact that our future is history to Him….He knows every detail- stories like these reveal to us His divine hand in our lives…..he lead your mom to buy that doll for you knowing you give it to Anna someday and that she would name it after His son so you could post this lovely blog today……thank you God for caring so much about every part of us and our needs! Enjoy your family visit and please extend my love and hugs to them all ♥


  3. The story of Anna and her baby Jesus is truly so inspirational. I think it just made my faith a little stronger. Love you sweet girl❤️


  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory. I am so thankful that Jesus has come and is bringing peace to your heart. I love how much
    Anna loves Jesus. I imagine the wonder filled celebration going on today for them. I bet Sampson even gets a milkshake. I wish you and Tom a wonderful time with your Ohio family. I know you’ll be drenching each other in love. Thank you Lord for your tender love that helps hearts heal! ((Hugs))


  5. I remember buying you this doll from Santa. You loved dolls just like Anna . I never even imagined that this doll would someday be named Baby Jesus and that I would be reading about it on your beautiful Love Drenched Life. I loved that you taught Anna how special Jesus is and now more than you ever Anna is bringing me a spiritual connection with him that I cherish more and more everyday. I am celebrating Baby Jesus, Anna and Abigail on this Christmas Day. I love you and I can’t wait to see you all.


  6. Merry Christmas to you and Tom. Thinking of you all today. The girls and Sampson are with you celebrating today, I feel it in my soul.


  7. Oh my gosh! That is a realistic looking Baby Jesus! What special experiences and memories you have to hold dear. Enjoy your time in Ohio, Susan. And Merry Christmas! 🎇


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