Aunt Alice

alice-baby-maryI thought it would be another few months if not a year before I made the formal introduction. Alice had another plan.

This past week Alice has begun to explore a little more. Her confidence is up and her eyes are wide open to the many spaces of our home. The other day I walked out of her room for a second only to return to her little feet disappearing into Anna’s closet/apartment. This space is sacred and although it will be shared per Anna’s permission, I had not taken Alice into it yet to explore.

As I hit the threshold of the door I could see her sitting, eyes open wide, in front of Anna’s babies. I said her name, and with a huge smile as though she hit the jackpot, she turned to me.

“Alice, would you like to meet Anna’s babies?”

She gave me a huge smile.

We sat and I pulled each one out, telling her their names (all named by Anna) and little bit about their lives with their mama. Anna loved her babies so much and took such great care of each one ~ Baby Obama, Baby Stella , Baby Louie and her favorite Baby Mary. Alice held each one, taste tested their bald heads and then moved to the next.

I then lifted Baby Jesus out of the crib. This doll is special because it actually belonged to me when I was a little girl and was passed down to Anna. It was named by Anna the minute she laid eyes on him (don’t be confused by the dress).

“Alice, this is Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, this is your Aunt Alice.”

She reached and pulled Baby Jesus onto her lap and then proceeded to talk to him ~ the sound of her excitement warmed my heart. Ever since that day Alice and Baby Jesus have been inseparable. She loves holding him, kissing him, wrestling with him and nurturing him.

In time Alice, I’m sure, will have her own set of dolls to love and nurture,  but for now it warms my heart that she is bonding with her sister’s babies.

These dolls are very lucky to have Anna for a mama and Alice for an aunt.



8 thoughts on “Aunt Alice

  1. I love this so much! What a beautiful way for Alice to bond with Anna…loving and caring for her babies that she loved. I can feel Anna’s smile from heaven.


  2. This is a beautiful moment to share and what a cutie she is! Know that you are in the hearts and thoughts of all of us in this community and many more around the world.


  3. Susan,
    It is such a joy for me whenever I’m lucky and get to see you and sweet Alice. I love how you’re helping to nurture a lovely, special, REAL, lifelong relationship between Alice and her big sisters. Abby and Anna and Alice. Forever.


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