Ohio Trip Aug. 2013
Ohio Trip Aug. 2013

Late last night we got a text from Alaska airlines that Emily and Ben’s flight was canceled for this morning. Cliches like this don’t impact us these days, they will all get worked out in the end one way or another. Emily and Ben will fly in on a later flight, we will meet them at the gate and then we will all travel East. No worries.

It is hard to think about leaving the house and being gone for a week. It’s been my safe place. I just keep telling myself to get through this minute…this second and it will be fine. I also think about how much Abigail and Anna loved visiting family in Ohio. We have had so many adventures flying back and forth. One of my all time favorites was when Abigail got sick on the plane and how we (Anna and I) were so proud that she had perfect aim right into the barf bag graciously provided by the airlines. High fives all around on that trip and every time we talked about. Perfect aim is something to be proud of and I was a proud Mama.

There was also epic trip back from Ohio that landed us in Chicago at a really nice hotel for the night. We were jumping on the beds at 2 am only to have to be back at the airport at 5. The girls loved the detour so much that every time we fly through Chicago they would pray we would get delayed. I must admit, it was a lot of fun and my girls were the best travel companions!

Anna’s first flight back to Ohio was at the age of 2 months. It was a trip I was anxious about before she was even born but was by far the easiest trip we ever took together. She was very cozy strapped to my chest and spent the entire flight nursing and sleeping, nursing and sleeping. I knew on that trip we were going to go on lots of adventures together.

Ohio Trip Jan 2007...Anna's first flight across country.
Ohio Trip Jan 2007…Anna’s first flight across country.

Anna has been my traveling companion for the past 7 years. We have had many adventures together (Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Alaska) and I cherish every single one. I will be honest, I hate the thought that my girls are not physically here to go with us. I miss them so much!

Looking forward to hugging my family at the end of today….especially my mom and dad.

Ohio Trip March 2013
Ohio Trip March 2013

12 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. I’m so happy you get hugs from your folks. As much as we all love to love on you, nothing feels better then love from your parents. Enjoy!


  2. Just checking in with you and Tom at the end of a looong Boxing Day. Thinking of you and hoping you are having an amazing time with you family in Ohio..


    1. Happy Boxing Day Aunt Sally. We just arrived and are getting settled in after a long day of traveling. Love you!


  3. I’m so glad Nana’s arms will be holding you tight tonight! Give her a squeeze from us also. And I love that photo of Anna….so in love with her grandparents already!


  4. You feel sad leaving home, but those hugs from mom and dad will feel so good. I hope the time away gives you a different sort of peace and comfort that only being with mom and dad can bring. I pray for you, Tom, and your absolutely adorable parents!


  5. Safe travels sweet girl. You will be traveling on the wings of angels today . Blessings and love, safe travels. Ella and Aubrey are so excited for your visit💗💗


  6. Travel safe cousins and may the warm embrace of your family remind you how loved you are during this difficult Holiday season. Give Emily and Ben a big squeeze from the Burkes and please send my love to your family as well. xo


  7. Have been thinking of you all this am. Have a safe flight! I know there are so many waiting to give you a hug! My heart is heavy this am as I can only imagine how difficult this first flight will be. Love and prayers for you! Love you friend!


  8. Merry Christ day Susan:)
    I thought about you and your husband all day yesturday. I know this seems so odd a total stranger thinking of you. But odd for me not so much.. I see where your beautiful Anna gets her amazing eyes.. Absoulty stunning your mother is. Maybe one of Anna’s babies could hold u close for the trip. I sure hope you will be ok, I think you all will have fun. I lost my dad on Christmas 2007 it eases up but honestly I think the loss never leaves. I am very creative & would love to do an abstract painting for you of the girls on clouds.. Maybe think about this & message me please. God bless your amazing heart on your journey…


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