In the Waves

DSC_1325No words this morning. Trying to get things done before we spend a couple of days at the coast with some friends. Excited to get away for a bit but nervous about going to the coast without my girls and without Sampson.

No expectations, I will let it be what it is supposed to be.

I will look for them in the waves.

5 thoughts on “In the Waves

  1. Enjoy your trip to the coast! I Pray that you feel peace and love. Remembering wonderful memories and feeling the girls dancing around you and Sampson running around like a puppy!


  2. I hope you hear their laughter in the waves. Sampson will be there amongst the other excited pooches chasing balls. The beach is truly a beautiful place. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Hugs to you both.


  3. May you see them dancing in the waves and may the bonfires warm your spirit. All the best to such a beautiful and memory rich place!


  4. So glad that you will be getting away with friends. Here is a quote I saw on T.V. last night that I wanted to share with you. It reminded me of your blog yesterday. “Faith, like hope is a rope and anchor in a shifting world. Faith cannot be questioned, only lived.” Enjoy your weekend!! Prayers, Love and Hugs…….Always!


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