Spinning Girl

Anna spinning

Anna loved to spin, hang upside down, climb and run. Anything that would keep her body moving was good for her. Before school we would often go across the street and do a couple rounds of monkey bars before she started her day. When one of the elementary schools got some new playground equipment she found these spinning cups. She would ask to on a regular basis to go and spin.

I love my spinning girl!

9 thoughts on “Spinning Girl

  1. Love to hear her laugh! Love all the new park finds that we share in the office that we sometimes explored together and sometimes on our own. Will calls this “mommy’s work park”. I remember the first time we walked to “the close-by park ” with Anna and she was so fearless to climb and go down the fire pole…Daniel was in awe! He would never do it until she did but she gave him the inspiration and courage to try! Missing your girls! And missing you too!


    1. Love you Melissa and family and I love that you have your own memories of my girl. Looking forward to building Anna and Abby’s Park!


  2. Anna and I liked to get up early…we always had extra time in the morning. At night we struggled…definitely morning people.


    1. I know right…I would have her stop because I was getting sick watching. I like the way her laugh has matured since when she was little. Love you guys!


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