Happiness Journal

I can honestly say I really had no idea. I definitely had a bit of fear that I was going to put it out there and nothing would happen.

I was feeling the nudge and knew it was time. For months I had been thinking about giving back to all of those people who had supported and continue to stand by us in this journey we are now on. I would wake at night wondering how I could “pay it forward” to the many people who were continuing to pray for us daily. This wanting to do something was incredible strong and I eventually accepted the fact that it was from God. There have been many times when I’ve felt these nudges before, having an overwhelming feeling that I need to do something, usually something that was out of the norm or not part of my typical daily life.  I would either second guess those nudges, convince myself that I was too busy or just not respond. Eventually the feeling would go away and I would live my life as I wanted.

Now things are different, this journey is not of my choice and I’ve learned some incredible lessons from our Creator over the past 7 months. I feel the power of prayer every single moment of my life and I’m acutely aware of the Holy Spirit and how he has held me through my grief. The nudge of giving back and sharing Love and Joy was too strong to ignore nor did I want to.

I’m so glad that God gave me the nudge to start sharing the love and joy in a way that my girls, and my friends and family at our wedding, shared with us. The love and joy that Anna and Abigail gave us during their life here, and continue to give us now, is resonating in the hearts of many. My girls have made an impact that is far-reaching and sharing Love Rocks has taken a life of its own; all with the guidance of wanting to love one another and to spread hope that there can be love and joy, even in the saddest of times.

I am amazed daily at the stories and pictures of all the love and joy that is being spread. I love how Love Rocks has taken different forms depending on the creator or giver of the rock. I love that people have connected their own stories with each Love Rock that is made or found. I love that for some, it is about honoring my girls and that people are getting to know them and getting to see how truly amazing they are.

Thank you so much to those who are on this journey with me and for sharing and spreading love and joy. As I say often, I know two little girls who are smiling in Heaven!

Happiness Journal

1. Little hands holding Love Rocks.circle hand

2. Paleo treats (which I very rarely share with my husband) made from a dear friend.treats

3. The ability to remember these moments of pure joy. So grateful for these moments and my daughters’ friends’. best friends




5 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. So happy to be helping spread Love and Joy with Love Rocks. This week was Long Beach WA, Sublimity, OR and a dear friend who lost her daughter almost 2 years ago. She was very touched.


  2. More people, including myself, need to listen to God’s gentle voice and react….great reminder that following God’s will is so much more rewarding and meaningful and fufilling than sitting back and doing our own thing. Love Rocks is the beautiful result of your faithful obedience to God and your reward the comfort, joy, love you get each day at the perfect time. Love you Susie♥


  3. I think it is so nice that people can now “do something” in honor of your girls and in support of you and Tom. People really want to be able to help in any way possible. The love rocks gives people the wonderful task of spreading smiles and love. That is the essence of your girls and you and Tom. It is a beautiful thing, truly.


  4. So glad you listen to the Holy Spirit and have allowed Him to move Love Rocks into something bigger then anyone could imagine. I love your heart!


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