Feels Like Yesterday

Sometimes on hot days this is the only thing that makes you feel better.

Abigail jumping without hesitation.
Abigail jumping without hesitation.

Finding it really hard to write. Missing my girls so much. It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for our family vacation to Orcas Island.

I’ve been staying busy with Love Rocks, planning for the non-profit and working on the playground; all of which is keeping me focused on the work I know I need to do.

Although I know that my girls have a hand in all the love and joy that is being shared through Love Rocks, I still wish I could tell them that tonight we, as a family, were going to make some for our summer family vacation. I wish I could sit them both down and show them the plans for the playground. I wish we could all sit around the dinner table and dream up the perfect mission statement for the non-profit.

I wish we were standing on this cliff, Abigail jumping without hesitation and Anna telling us all that she will definitely jump the next time we came to Orcas Island.

I wish I didn’t know this deep sorrow. I miss my girls.

Anna telling us that she will jump next year.
Anna telling us that she will jump next year.

10 thoughts on “Feels Like Yesterday

  1. Thinking of you my friend and praying for you everyday. We think of your girls all the time as we make our way through our summer. So many memories of play dates….beach day, creek walking, water balloon fights, hikes, swings and water features. I wish I could give you more summer days with your girls. They are so missed and so loved!


  2. We wish all those things too…..more than anything in the world. Abigail had a zest and confidence in living. What a brave older sister for Anna. The thought of them being eternally together in heaven is comforting to me. I know your reunion some day will be glorious and love drenched beyond measure.


  3. I wish I could take your pain away. I pray for you and Tom all the time. All I keep thinking is that God must have the most amazing plans for you because he promises not to give us anything we can’t handle. ❤ ❤ ❤ Praying for you!


  4. I know your deep anguish and sorrow, dear girl…and your longing. I, too, am so sorry you must travel this journey. BI pray II Corinthians 1:3-4 for you… That the God of all comfort will comfort you on the deepest of levels…and then, in the midst of that, you will be able to continue to pour comfort into others. Don’t forget to take time to stop and rest in His presence and be refreshed and filled as you grieve and pour out simultaneously. You both are prayed for and loved.


  5. Always praying for you- and asking Jesus to continue to wrap His loving arms around you. I wish I could take the hurt away.


  6. Susan…my heart always goes out to you!!! I wish so much that you did not have to deal with this incredible grief!! As the mother of a six year old I can really only imagine the deepest sense of loss!! Big hugs for you and Tom!!


  7. I wish that you were doing those things with them instead of doing the hardest work ever, grieving for them. I wish it with all my heart, Susan. I’m sorry I can’t make you feel better. Please accept that you can express your anguish here; you do not have to be a role model or an inspiration for others, just a grieving mother sharing her thoughts and love. My thoughts and prayers go out for you to feel the peace of God’s love again very soon.


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