His Smile

I spent some time in Anna’s room today, as I do most days.


I could hear him pushing his nose up against the gate desperate to get in.

I could hear the gate hit the floor ~ success.

As he trotted into her room he scooped down and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal which was lying on the floor.

He climbed up onto her bed and flashed me a big smile as if to say, “finally, I’m back in my favorite spot with my favorite toy.”

There’s something about him wanting to be in their space that is so comforting. There’s something about his smile that warms my heart, even when he’s been exceptionally naughty.

As I sat watching him try to chew the nose off Anna’s favorite stuffed animal I could almost hear the nightly back and forth from my girls.

“He slept on your bed last night, tonight is my turn.”

“No, he left half way through the night so I get another turn.”

“ABIGAIL, that’s not fair.”

“ANNA, yes it is.”

“MOM, she’s not letting me have my turn.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling on me.”

smile linus

And Linus would be smiling at all the love.

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