Happiness Journal


Today as I drove to Anna’s school my heart was extremely heavy knowing that my visits were going to be different. Kids were going to be mixed up in different classes, the second grade teachers never had Anna in their classroom and there was no longer a cubby with her name on it.

I was almost there when I saw it take flight, a big blue heron came out of the field on my left and soared in front of my car to get to the field on my right. It was so close that I could see its eyes, its beautiful grey blue feathers and its two long gangly legs hanging, ready for the it’s landing.

I’m not sure what prompted his change of location but it was perfect timing as I was able to witness his gracefulness in the air.

For those few seconds, as I witnessed this beautiful bird in flight, my heart was happy and full of love.

As I pulled into the school I took a deep breath and knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be today.

Hugging Anna’s friends!



7 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. And like that Blue Heron, I watch you take flight just like that. You take the same risk in your take off and amaze me where and how you land. I will pray always for your safe landing, Susan!


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