Meeting Her Perfect Match

On Nov. 30, 2014, I wrote this in my blog post called Proud ~

I remember thinking as I was saying good-bye to her that someone was getting that call they’ve been waiting for. That families were happy because their family member was getting a new lease on life. I remember those thoughts comforting me while I was kissing her forehead for the last time. She was such a giver and she now has given the ultimate gift. We are so proud of her and we are so looking forward to meeting the individuals that she blessed with her organs.

On June 27th, 2015 we met the little boy who received Abigail’s liver. He and his family decided to surprise us at the Love Rocks Run after I sent them some info and a box of their own Love Rock kits to make. We had written letters back and forth a few times over the last year and were now at the stage where we were given each other’s addresses. It took me a while to send the kits but I felt that a couple weeks before the run would be perfect, maybe they would be able to come. I had no expectations, and to be honest, the morning of the run was so busy and emotional I didn’t even remember.

Well, that was until I saw Christian’s mom standing by the finish line with a volunteer shirt on. Our eyes met and I knew right away who she was ~ I couldn’t believe it.

I ran over and gave her a hug.

Photo taken by: Skipping Stone Photography
Photo taken by: Skipping Stone Photography

I had no time to figure out what to say or how to react, we just did what came natural for two moms that will forever be connected.

Christian and the rest of the family were there as well, to surprise us on this very special day.

Photo taken by Skipping Stone Photography
Photo taken by Skipping Stone Photography
Christian crossing the finish line at the Love Rocks Run ~ healthy and happy! Photo taken by Danielle Skinner.

Meeting this little boy and his family means so much to us. We knew the evening of Oct. 21st, when they told us that Abigail was going to Heaven with Anna, that making the decision to choose to give life would bring us joy in the future. In making that decision, which we know Abigail would have made the same decision, we have been able to see so many lives renewed, we have met so many incredible people and we are given so many opportunities to share Anna and Abby’s love story.

We are so proud of both of our girls for how much they have given to so many.

A couple of weeks after the run Tom and I spoke at the OHSU Transplant Picnic. Christian, his mom and little sister all came which allowed us more time with our new extended family. I honestly feel like we’ve known them forever ~ it’s rather strange actually how connected I feel. Tom and I have shared our daughter’s love story a lot over the past 21 months but this time it was a bit different. We invited Christian to come up with us and share a bit about himself and how his life is now after receiving Abigail’s gift. Just like Abigail, he was very comfortable in front of a crowd with a microphone in his hand ~ we were very proud of him.

We were also able to introduce Christian to some of the people who work for the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank (PTNB) and who helped to connect Abigail to her perfect organ recipients.  These individuals have become dear friends of ours, again a connection that will last a lifetime.

christian and josh
Christian and Josh (he too is an Ohio State Buckeye)

While Abigail was in the hospital a lot of people prayed for a miracle ~ we prayed for a miracle. Tom and I believe wholeheartedly that Abigail went to Heaven with her sister on Oct. 20th and God, with all of His glory, granted all those prayers for a miracle to this little boy whose family was praying for a miracle for him. Abigail was Christian’s miracle and we are very proud of that fact.

tom and christiangroup christian

While going through the photos of the run I found this one of  Christian jumping up and catching bubbles with his mouth. I couldn’t help but smile and think about the girls hiding out in Abigail’s room with my phone set to video and Abigail getting her sister to catch bubbles in her mouth <3.

Truly a perfect match!

catching bubbles christian
Photo taken by Danielle Skinner


11 thoughts on “Meeting Her Perfect Match

  1. Oh Susan, what a blessing you are and have been given. Your experience with Abigail and Christian is so heart touching. Yes, truly what a miracle from this tragedy. Our God is such an awesome God to see and feel His hand at work and to be sure you feel and see it too. I feel so blessed myself having the opportunity to be able to share in all of this with you. I am so thankful that you are able to share all of this experience with us. Although I have never had the pleasure of ever meeting your girls, or you two, I feel like I have a connection with all. You have made that possible. Thank you! I can only imagine the happiness you felt in meeting Christian and the feeling of something good coming from something so crushing and life changing. I thank God for His presence in all of your lives. It’s something that is so hard to understand, yet thru His grace you continue to amaze us all. All the way from MI, you have touched my life in such a wonderful way. Sending you hugs! Looking forward to speaking with you soon about my scouts getting involved in sharing Love Rocks! ♡♡


    1. Karen ~ Thank you so much for your kind words and yes God is truly and awesome God. Yes, lets talk soon about your girl scouts…I’m excited too about all that. ❤


  2. What an incredible journey you are on. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’m looking forward to the next chapter .( the arrival of your precious baby!)That was my prayer for you & Tom.


  3. I have an image of a cycle of love and joy: from Abigail to Christian with her gift of life and from Christian to you with his happy fun spirit. And it will just continue to spread and cycle. Life is beautiful.


  4. What a wonderful experience and especially that the family came to the Run to meet you! God is Great even in a horrible time! The connection forever will bind your families together💞😍💞


  5. Aww. reading this post. made me tear up. I also believe that abigail was christians miracle. ..God uses us in ways that we would have thought of. So glad you finally meet your extended family (((hugs)))


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