Happiness Journal (from this past weekend)

concert 1I tried to post this photo this weekend from my phone…it didn’t work obviously. This week I’ve been riding the high of spending a weekend with dear friends, spending time in a beautiful house on Puget Sound and going to see my daughter’s favorite singer live. 

Anna would have had wide eyes at the sea of people all singing (and screaming) their favorite songs. She would have wanted to know every detail of Grace’s encounter with the very tall Taylor Swift and exactly what was said between the two of them. She would have sang her heart out; loudest when her favorite song came on, just like her mama did for her. She would have talked non-stop about how amazing and cool the concert was and would cite every detail to Tom when we got home. She would have wrapped her arms around me and thanked me a hundred times for taking her ~ that is the part I think I miss the most, Anna’s arms wrapped around me.

This weekend made my heart happy and to be honest I wasn’t sure how it would all feel.

I knew I would have pain with Anna’s absence but as I have said many times ~ when I show up, they show up.

concert 6 concert handsconcert 11concert 100cocnert 12taylor and graceconcert momsconcert 13



4 thoughts on “Happiness Journal (from this past weekend)

  1. Love the way you carry them with you! We were so excited when she sang Anna’s favorite! Love you and your girls so much!❤️


    1. Yes…Abigail would have loved going but it’s funny thinking about when Abigail told Anna that she was over Taylor Swift. No doubt they were both there loving the excitement. ❤


      1. Hah you can never get over Taylor Swift 😉 and yes I am sure they were enjoying it ❤


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