Keep Loving

A week ago today 9 souls entered Heaven. I often (probably more than most) think about what that will be like ~ the transition from my earthly body to my Heavenly one and the hugs that will last for eternity. This past week, as we have been sending boxes of Love Rocks to Roseburg, I can’t help but think about those individuals that started their day as usual on Oct. 1, just like we did on Oct. 20, 2013.

I remember so many things about that time, they are my most vivid memories of my life when my family was under the same roof ~ memories I will cherish forever and ones that I know we will reminisce about once I enter Heaven. “Remember that time you both fought over who was going to stand next to the big pumpkin? Seems so silly now huh?”

This morning I received an email from a woman in Roseburg requesting Love Rocks. She wrote that she was concerned about her grieving community because people were planning to make a statement by picketing and openly carrying guns when President Obama comes to pay his respects to the families of those who were lost.

As I read her message I couldn’t help but weep and think about those new souls in Heaven. I couldn’t help but think of the joy and the unbelievable feeling of love that I believe carried them to where my daughters now reside.

Yes, terrible things happen all the time but if we keep our focus there we will continue to be trapped in the sins of this world and will not be able to truly live the life God intended us to live or love in the way he wants us to love. If I have learned anything these last two years it’s that focusing on the love diminishes the hate, the anger and the bitterness. Love does win and sharing love is one of the best things to do when your heart is breaking.

LOVE, that is the whisper I get everyday from my girls.

“Keep loving Mama and we promise it will be alright.”

I’m going to listen and do as they say, will you?

keep loving

13 thoughts on “Keep Loving

  1. Your words are so strong and well put together. You are right that love always wins and thanks for your guidance. These powerful rocks do change lives.


  2. I needed to read these words today as I have been having trouble letting go of my fury and disgust at the man who killed my 20 yr old niece 3 years ago this month. I have been told that it’s been long enough and I need to move on. I have a feeling that people are uncomfortable around me when I mention her name. I have had a strangle hold on my anger and was afraid to let go of it (thus forgetting Kalin). Reading your words has sharpened my perspective and though I am not ready to forgive I can feel myself slowly moving away from the hate. In your pain you have given me a feeling of comfort and peace. Thank you for that gift Susan. You are wonderful!


    1. Brenda as I read these words I thought of you and then I read your comments and knew it was you. Susan you and love rocks have filled people with love and hope. I have received 3 love rocks this week from students on ,my computer after being a busy and stressful week. Your girls and Jesus are surrounding you with love and thank you for easing my friend’s heart with your beautiful words. keep up the good work . I leave the rocks different places when I get a chance. One was at Seaside. I too have had losses in my life and had to let go of anger who caused those losses. I know there will be a great homecoming some day. God bless you Susan you are so needed. Thank you


  3. I was recently introduced to Love Rocks. My daughter was an organ and tissue donor and saved six people’s lives. I have to remain positive and focus on her legacy rather than be angry. She would have never wanted that. When I feel a “grief burst” coming, I need to focus on the amazing feeling I will have when we are together again. I dedicate my life to make sure that happens. Thank you for putting all of my feelings into words. I get by with these words, “just be kind”.


  4. I work on this every day. Although it is a simple, fundamental message, it is not always easy. In fact it is pretty challenging most of the time. We all need reminders to focus on love and kindness.


  5. This is such a very powerful message, Susan. I tend to get off track when my emotions get in the way and I know I’m not the only one. It’s nice to have a reminder to get focus back in the right direction. Thank you! ❤


  6. So many people re-directing their hurt and sadness in such an unhealthy hurtful way. More hurt and disrespect does not solve anything or make anyone feel better. It breaks my heart. I hope the Love Rocks will help lead people to fill their hearts with love.


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