Fall 2010 ~ Our First Together

I really have no words to share other than I miss my girls. I’ve said a lot over the past 2 years about my grief, our journey through this life and about my faith ~ at the end of each and every day I just really miss my girls.

I really miss them!!!

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We all had so much fun together!

8 thoughts on “Fall 2010 ~ Our First Together

  1. Susan, I try not to live in sadness too much, but that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t regularly ache for you. It does. And I try to turn that around into kindness for others, as you have so brilliantly shown as an example. But I do keep you close to my heart, and in my thoughts regularly. And I love you dearly. Thank you for trusting us to share in your journey, and please don’t hesitate to speak up and ask if I can do anything at all for you. Ever. Love you. xoxo


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