Her teacher approached me first, said he saw her squinting a lot while he read to her class. I made an appointment and we went and had her eyes checked. She didn’t want glasses at first but after finding out that she only needed them while reading she decided it would be ok. She had fun trying on all the different styles, she looked good in all of them.

We talked about the responsibility of having them, not losing them and what she could do to ensure her success. “Mama, what if, when I take them off, I always put them in their case on your dresser?” We agreed this was a great idea and she stuck to it. She never once lost her glasses.

She wore them while at school, but she also wore them as “style glasses”. I am not sure if they were needed to cut down a christmas tree or while on a playdate but, nonetheless, she wore them and never complained.

I was proud of how responsible she was in taking care of them and I loved when she would run to grab them when they “went with her outfit” –  I would tell her she was sassy and she would wiggle her butt from side to side.

anna glasses 5 anna glasses 7 anna glasses

Today I went back to the same eye doctor to pick up my glasses. I had an appointment last week and found out that, indeed, age does impact how well you can see. I don’t need them all the time just when I’m reading, just like Anna.

I sat down in the chair to get them fitted and my mind went right to my girl. When they took her glasses out of the case for the first time she put them on and checked herself out in the mirror. I did the same and smiled at the memory. I could sense her by my side whispering, “Mama they look good!”

I will always keep mine on my dresser next to hers for safe keeping and each time I pull them out of their case I will send a whisper to her in Heaven.

“Anna, your mama is sassy too!”


9 thoughts on “Sassy

  1. I love this Dieter. It made me smile! Did you wiggle your butt from side to side to show that sass?! 😂


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