Agility Training

linus on table

This week I realized that Linus has no problem getting on top of tables. He is obsessed with cat food and will do anything to get his mouth on some…including leaping onto the table in one swift jump. I think I need to get him into agility training ASAP.

He’s so lucky he is so handsome.

beautiful Linus

New Toy

I heard him wrestling something in the other room.

Curious, I quietly snuck in to see what he was doing.

This is what I found and I thought it was so appropriate that, of all the pillows he decided to chew on, it was this one.


I smiled and then took his new toy away.

Next time I’m sure he’ll be quieter.

linus cute

Linus and Stella

I took my first step onto the driveway and I could immediately feel him pulling.

I decided to let him pull me to see where he wanted to go. We traveled across the street, through the park, he waited as I opened the gate and then he pulled me straight to her front door.

She was waiting by the window, watching as we made our way her direction.

Linus loves Stella forever!!!

linus and stella 1 linus and stella 2 linus and stella 4

His Smile

I spent some time in Anna’s room today, as I do most days.


I could hear him pushing his nose up against the gate desperate to get in.

I could hear the gate hit the floor ~ success.

As he trotted into her room he scooped down and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal which was lying on the floor.

He climbed up onto her bed and flashed me a big smile as if to say, “finally, I’m back in my favorite spot with my favorite toy.”

There’s something about him wanting to be in their space that is so comforting. There’s something about his smile that warms my heart, even when he’s been exceptionally naughty.

As I sat watching him try to chew the nose off Anna’s favorite stuffed animal I could almost hear the nightly back and forth from my girls.

“He slept on your bed last night, tonight is my turn.”

“No, he left half way through the night so I get another turn.”

“ABIGAIL, that’s not fair.”

“ANNA, yes it is.”

“MOM, she’s not letting me have my turn.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling on me.”

smile linus

And Linus would be smiling at all the love.

Wet Dog

One of our all time favorite books is Wet Dog by Elise Broach with illustrations by David Catrow, my all time favorite illustrator. I bought the book because David Catrow was the illustrator, I had no idea how much this little book would become a part of our nightly reading routine.


When Anna and I were on our own we would read five books each night before bedtime. Anna would choose four books and Mama would choose one. Wet Dog was always selected, some nights by Anna and if not Anna then always by me. I loved how it flowed and I love how Anna would laugh as I would read, “well, the too-hot dog in the too-hot sun just had to cool off somehow. So he heaved to his feet, and he sniffed the air, and he trotted off down the road…pat-a-pat, pat-a-pat, pat.”

I love this book, it always puts a smile on my face.

When we blended families we blended night time routines and many nights the girls would want Tom to read to them, he does have an English accent which always makes listening to a story delightful.

Wet Dog once again became a favorite as Tom read about this silly dog trying desperately to cool off in the too-hot sun. As Tom started to memorize the words on the pages his English accent always went Southern which made this mama laugh.  We all connected with this book and found that it brought so much laughter.

Yesterday I decided to get out the hose for Linus. He was a too-hot dog in the too-hot sun and he just needed to cool off somehow. He loved every minute of it especially when he came in the house and he “shook and he shook with a happy-dog smile, wagging his happy-dog tail…shaky-shake, shaky-shake, shake!”

linus waterWet Dog