Love Rocks and Tea Cups

I was standing in line waiting.  The little boy behind me was so excited and talking non-stop about what ride he was going on next. His mom was asking him questions and prompting him to remember that he was not the only one in his group. “Maybe we should ask your sister what she wants toContinue reading “Love Rocks and Tea Cups”

Class 8 at Kiambogo Primary School

We arrived and within minutes most of our team had axes and were intrenched in removing the concrete floor from the classroom. The plan was to remove the old flooring, to pour concrete and then lay tile. We were there to assist a group of local men ~ we were there to connect and bless this little schoolContinue reading “Class 8 at Kiambogo Primary School”

The Love Rocks Story

Today I spent some time updating the Love Rocks page.  I encourage anyone who is sharing Love Rocks to use this as a guide while sharing. This information can also be found here. The Love Rock Story Sometimes life brings circumstances that are completely out of your control. In those times, it’s important to remember the beauty in life,Continue reading “The Love Rocks Story”