Rainbows in Africa

She came home from school that day so excited to share with me about her friend’s celebration. It was about 2 years ago and her little friend was turning 3 (I think) and her mom came to share her story with Anna’s class. Anna told me about how her little friend was from Africa and that her mom and dad adopted her.

She had all sorts of questions about adoption and why mommy’s and daddy’s wouldn’t be able to take care of their own children and why kids would end up in an orphanage in Africa. I remember the tone in her voice when she was asking these questions, she had concern that there were children out there that didn’t have a mommy and daddy to love them.

Ever since that day she would talk about how she too would love to go to Africa and visit children in an orphanage to honor her friend. We had sponsored two children, that shared her birthday, through World Vision, since she was one and we had always talked about visiting them someday. As time passed she began to talk about how she would like to have one child of her own when she was married and one that she adopted. I loved her nurturing heart, always taking care of the littlest and day dreaming about being a mama herself someday.

anna augie

About a month ago Tom and I were starting to talk about getting away from Forest Grove this Fall. We need to spend some time together outside of our regular day to day. I think we both realize that we definitely need time to reconnect on a different level and to work on our marriage. I think we both realize the Fall will be very hard.

I suggested Fiji and started doing some research and was sold on the idea of an island in the middle of nowhere and white sandy beaches.

Tom wasn’t sure about Fiji and posed the question which got us both thinking, “what will be different for us in Fiji?”

What would be different in Fiji?


We would be on an amazing vacation without our family and that would hurt.

We would come back to our life with a vacation under our belt and go right back into our current methods of interacting with one another.

The question was a good one and I’m glad he asked it.

We then began to pray for God’s guidance and his answer came rather quickly: we needed an event to share that wasn’t the current event of our lives. We needed to do God’s work, side by side and out of comfort zone.

We then talked with a dear friend of ours who is also one of the pastors at our church. We told him that we didn’t care where we went we just wanted to do God’s work. He then made some phone calls and within 12 hours Scott called us to set up a meeting. Scott works for Forward Edge Ministries and he had a group of people going to Kenya in September and would love to talk with us about joining this team.

A couple of days later, we met up with Scott for lunch and sat and shared our journey with him. It was very obvious to me that God was working and that this journey to Kenya was in his plan for us. As Scott told us about the trip and what the team would be doing I couldn’t help but smile, it is a perfect fit that which includes running a program for kids with disabilities in a small rural village. Scott had no idea I was an Adapted PE teacher. Like I said, God’s work.

Last night, Tom and I met up with Scott and some of the members of the Kenya team. As we sat around the table sharing what we were excited about and what was challenging us about our trip, my heart was full. It is amazing when you know that you are exactly where God wants you.  I’m excited to get to know each member of the team better and to experience Kenya with them. I look forward to seeing how God uses each and every one of us for his glory.

This morning I woke up thinking about how Anna was the day she shared her friend’s story, so caring and compassionate towards her classmate. I also recalled all of the prayers that we have said for our sponsored children in Rwanda and how excited Anna was to visit them someday.

I have no doubt that both of our girls will be with us on this journey.  Anna and Abigail will be making rainbows in Africa and their mom and dad/Tom will be spreading Love and Joy.


Love Rocks in Kenya!

19 thoughts on “Rainbows in Africa

  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure together which will be a positive thing for yourselves, and those you touch on the trip…God’s ways are perfect!


  2. OHH. How very exciting. I once went on a Forward Edge trip to Nicaragua. Definitely a life changer. How exciting to be looking forward to it!!


  3. So very happy for you Susan. Nick did some of God’s work in Thailand when we were in high school and it’s a dream of his to go abroad again. I can’t wait to hear of your adventures!


  4. You never cease to inspire me-thank you for the beautiful example of being Christ’s hands and feet. I am so grateful that you share your heart so freely. My daughter had the benefit of making love rocks with you at Oak Hills school. The number of lives you, Tom, Abigail and Anna continue to touch is truly awesome. Thank you for the gift you are to me and to all those around you. Prayers for the next step in your journey.


  5. Africa…I remember when Africa called to you a few years back. I am amazed at the way God brings opportunities into your life and amazed by your willingness to listen and go! Love you and Tom!


  6. What a wonderful adventure this will be. God has big things in store for you & Tom. This trip will fill so many hearts with love & hope.


  7. Tom has a lot of wisdom. Seeing beyond the now or the soon.

    Maybe someday you will meet those children and fulfill Anna’s dream.

    I can’t help but truly believe that there is so much more for you to do here. You have so much love to give here. I don’t even know you, but it rolls off you in waves. And I think Anna and Abby would be so, so proud of what you are doing.


  8. SOOOOO excited for your African adventure!!!!! SO proud of you friend!!!! Anna & Abigail would be so proud of you too! I LOVE YOU!


  9. Susan this is so awesome!!! We’ll be in neighboring countries in Africa at the same time. Small world. I hope that this adventure will serve as a time of healing and renewal for you guys.

    Prayin for you ♡♡


  10. I hope you and Tom have soooooo much fun on your trip!!!
    It was defiantly God’s work that you were set up with such a wonderful opportunity and you are sure to enjoy it.
    Love You and miss you already! ❤


  11. Ive got Godbumps! Some call them goosebumps but we call them Godbumps when you absolutely know God is working, he is involved and it’s meant to be! I am so excited for you both. May God continue to heal your hearts and marriage. Hugs


  12. I can’t wait to see pictures of rainbows and Love Rocks! And very special people! Please let us know how we can support you on this journey! We will hold you in our hearts. ❤️


  13. Susan, I am so happy that you and Tom are working on this together. And the outline of your trip sounds like a really fabulous opportunity. Both for you and Tom, and for the children you’ll be helping in Africa. Thank you for sharing! ❤️


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