Perfect Shade of Pink

I’m not sure how I ended up in the comforter aisle ~ the thought of a new comforter on our bed was not even on my mind and hasn’t been. I like the comforter we have and our bed is the only one that is regularly used.

I was confused until I saw it.

At first it was the polka dots that caught my eye and then it was the rainbow colors ~ dark pink, orange, yellow, green, teal blue, purple and pink ~ the exact same pink that are the color of her walls. She would love it and it would match with her room perfectly.

There was only one left and it fit the size of her bed. It was on sale. It was perfect.

I stood numb for a moment, sad, longing and wondering if it was the right thing to do. Was I even ready to take off her old one? Am I crazy for buying something for Anna even though she is in Heaven?

I decided that I’m not crazy for buying things for my girls ~ not crazy at all.

What I am is a mom who finds joy in thinking about what her daughters would like now at age 8 and 13. I’m a mom who, over time, will always stay connected to her daughters in Heaven by embracing the things they enjoyed, the friends they cherished and by celebrating the love and joy that they spread.

I’m a mom ~ plain and simple and today I put a new bed spread on Anna’s bed that I know she would adore. I also danced around her room listening to Taylor Swift really loud just like we used to.  I know, without a doubt, that she is smiling at her new bed spread and the fact that her mom will never stop mothering her ~ never.

new comforter

10 thoughts on “Perfect Shade of Pink

  1. ♡I love it and I’m sure she does too:)
    Its Bright and beautiful just like Anna.
    Keep dancing my friend I know it makes the girls happy to see you happy:)


  2. How perfect, for Anna and for you! I agree, you are not crazy. In fact, I think you are quite intelligent. You are certainly smart enough to know what’s important…being Anna and Abby’s Mom! Love, Prayers and Hugs………..Always!!


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