Happiness Journal

Sitting here trying to force myself to come up with something that makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong…I have a lot of things I can write about but I’m finding it hard to feel happiness in my heart today.

Today I’m sad, missing my girls and wishing we were in Ohio enjoying spring break with my side of the family like we have done for years.

Those memories make me happy. Just wish I didn’t have to live the rest of this life with just memories.

Today is not a good day and I guess I can say that I’m happy I don’t have to pretend it is. Some days I just want to scream “IT SUCKS!”


17 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Susan–Yes. This sucks. I’m grateful you know that you don’t need to pretend with anyone. You are often on my heart. I hope that today you will feel the love of all the people who care for you. I’m praying for peace in your heart and mind.


  2. Sending love and prayers for you! I woke up thinking of you this morning. Some days I want to scream it’s not fair for you. You are such an amazing mama and always will be!


  3. I pray for you every day–for peace and that you will experience the love and comfort that only God can give.


  4. Susan, my eyes fill up and tears spill out when I see these posts, I don’t even need to see them sometimes to think about how some moments must feel. Like Lori said a few posts prior, you will find the other side of these moments again because God gives you the joy again and you get to see the beauty of your girls love shining all around us. It sucks more than anything your Anna and Abigail are not here and nobody can take that pain away, but I will continue to pray for God to bring His peace and restore and heal your heart daily. I love you Susan❤️


  5. IT DOES SUCK!!!!!
    I’ll scream it with you. No platitudes, no reminders of silver linings; sometimes life is not fair and it hurts a lot. I know that you will feel this way, then something will come up and you will feel other ways. That is your true talent, Susan. Finding grace in the middle of sadness.


  6. I am in Yuma Arizona and showed my grandson where I had placed a love rock…..and later I saw him go get it and put it in his pocket. He must know someone who needs one.


  7. Yes, Susan. It does suck. Go somewhere and scream it as loud and as long as you want. I’m sorry that you are feeling extra sad today.


  8. You’ve been weighing on my heart today. Praying for you as I always do, and leaving as many Love Rocks across the Northwest as I possibly can. With each one I lay down, I think of your girls. ❤️ Love You…


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