My Siblings

In honor of National Siblings Day (had no idea that this day existed) I have decided to share this beautiful photo. I was making my confirmation and my mom insisted on taking a photo of the three of us all decked out in our Sunday best. The “wreath” on my head was my moms way of being different – every other little girl had a veil, I had a wreath. Needless to say baby’s breath was big back then and I had a lot of it tangled in my hair that day.

Throughout my life these two have been a rock for me. I love them both very much and I feel very blessed to call them my siblings.

Happy Siblings Day Bill and Jeff ~ sorry for the public humiliation.


This photo makes me happy and laugh out loud.


11 thoughts on “My Siblings

  1. This is how I remember you three. Forgive the outfits we proudly made you wear. At the time…yada, yada, yada!! Your mom was so proud of all of you as she is today minus a few plaids and baby’s breath.


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